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Enjoy Honeymoon in Best Luxury Hotels in goa - Resort De Coraçao in Calangute Goa

31 January, 2023

Enjoy Honeymoon in Best Luxury Hotels in goa - Resort De Coraçao in Calangute Goa

Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world because it marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of two different people. If the wedding day is the most important day of their lives, the honeymoon is equally important, because it is the only time when the couple can relax and spend quality time getting to know each other. There are many fantastic honeymoon destinations in India, but Goa is the place which stands out the most! Because the location has beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue water and golden sand, castles, thrilling and fascinating beaches, sports and the brilliant sea food and the beautiful options of hotels in Calangute Goa.

All of the above points mentioned make Goa the ideal location for your honeymoon, where you can spend the most time with your life partner. So stop imagining this wonderful place and book your stay at Resort De Coraçao, one of Goa's best resorts. Which provides you with excellent quality services and ideal luxurious accommodation options for your honeymoon.

Here is a list of the amenities available at our resort, where marital bliss can blossom with a touch of luxury and fantasy. Take a look! If it's difficult to believe!

  • Near the beach:- Resort De Coraçao is one of the most luxurious romantic stay options in Goa, offering a mesmerising location just 5 minutes from the queen of beaches, Calangute Beach. When visiting Goa, your vacation would be incomplete without a visit to the Goa beaches, particularly Calangute Beach, which is the most popular beach in Goa.


Stop looking for Goa Calangute Hotel Booking when you can book a stay at Resort De Coraçao, one of the most luxurious resorts in the area, which offers you the opportunity to have the best vacation possible where you can enjoy the beautiful crystal clear blue water and wormy sand that feels like a soft blanket! So satisfying, isn't it? All of this is available within a 5-minute walk of the resort.

  • Luxurious room options: At Resort De Coraçao, we have five different categories of room options available, all of which have advanced facilities and a perfect blend of modern and traditional interior design. In our rooms, you will find a coffee and tea maker, a table desk, comfortable couches, a mini fridge, a walking wardrobe, controllable-highly advanced lighting, a king-sized bed, and much more. Book your stay today to get your hands on the beautiful location with a luxurious stay option.


  • Private balcony: If you are on a romantic vacation with your loved one, there is nothing more romantic than sharing a morning cup of tea on your room's private balcony. Where you can enjoy the windy beach breeze, the chirping of birds, and the lovely lush green surroundings of our resort.


  • Romantic candlelight dinner:- In our resort, you will have a delicious dining experience in our in-house restaurant, where you can arrange for beautiful decorations to surprise your love. We have a lavish garden area in our resort where you can get the beautiful décor under the night sky! Enjoy delectable dining only at Resort De Coraçao, one of the best hotels in Calangute Goa. 

Book your stay today and get your hand on a most romantic getaway in the lovely setting of Goa.