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Best Place to Stay When Visiting Jim Corbett

Best Place to Stay When Visiting Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park is a precious gem enveloped by mesmerizing nature in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. Established in 1936 by the Britishers, it is the oldest national park in India. It is spread over a wide expanse of 520 sq km of open forest which is a habitat for numerous exotic flora and fauna. It is located close to the capital city, New Delhi, and is very well connected by land and air. Famed for the presence of the majestic Royal Bengal tiger, it is visited by tourists from all parts of the globe. It is named after the great hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett who spent a considerable amount of his time in the wilderness of Ram Nagar. He is also famous for hunting down man-eating tigers and leopards in the area. Besides the wildlife, Jim Corbett is equally famous for the adventure activities on the Kosi River and for its magical trekking trails. Jim Corbett is a meeting point for nature lovers, adventure junkies, and wildlife enthusiasts. Ravines, swamps, and lakes adorned the amazing topography of the national park which is best enjoyed in an open jeep or with a thrilling elephant ride.

Jim Corbett National Park In India

It is the only national park in India that offers the thrill of spending a night being surrounded by wild animals while listening to their nocturnal calls. The old rest house which is also known as Dhikala Forest Lodge was built by the Britishers and is very popular among tourists. Around the national park, there are many places to stay in Corbett depending on one’s budget and preference. Starting from budget hotels to lavish resorts, one can find a plethora of places to call it home during their stay at Jim Corbett. Most of these resorts have an online presence and booking can be conveniently done in advance. Winter is the best time to visit the national park and the place is bustling with activities during this time. It is highly recommended to book the stay in advance if visiting during this peak season. These hotels with comfortable rooms and amazing services ensure a memorable stay for their guests. The view of the majestic mountains overlooking the national park from these resorts and hotels is soothing to the eye.

One of the best places to stay when visiting Jim Corbett is First Halt hotels which are located within walking distance from the periphery of the national park at Dhela Road. Replete with different varieties of luxury rooms and quaint cottages boasting of world-class facilities, it is undoubtedly one of the best luxury resorts in Jim Corbett. Walking on the dew-covered grass of the manicured gardens while regaling at the sight of the faraway mountains is one of the favorite pastimes of the guests. The lazy rays of the morning sun and the chirping of the birds herald the beginning of a new day at this beautiful resort. The luscious cuisines served by the chef with farm-fresh vegetables at the dining area named Ice and Spice will leave one craving for me. It has an amazing spa named Paradise Spa which provides an array of treatments like ayurvedic therapies, western therapies, beauty therapies, etc., along with steam, jacuzzi, and sauna to rejuvenate the tired body. It understands that a vacation is a leisure activity for the entire family and it tries to provide an amazing stay by including various board games and outdoor games to its guests which serves as a great bonding time for the entire family. The resort also provides curated services like elephant ride, jeep safari, etc while taking all safety measures. It also makes arrangements for the guests to visit the other nearby attractions like the Girija Devi Mandir, Corbett Museum, Corbett waterfall, etc, and also arranges trekking expedition to explore the wilderness of Jim Corbett.

A vacation spent at Jim Corbett in the midst of nature while being pampered at these amazing comfortable resorts is bound to create magical moments to cherish with amazing family bonding over the years to come. Next time you think of a vacation, plan it for Jim Corbett and be amazed by the thrilling adventure that awaits you.