Hotels & Resorts / 06 Jan 2023

Five Star Hotels in India Get More Pet Friendly

Five Star Hotels in India Get More Pet Friendly

The growing count of pet-friendly holiday destinations has influenced hotels to open their doors to adorable fur balls. Although the transition kicked off early, the idea of welcoming pets was put to practice in full swing, post-pandemic. Five Star hotels in India are no different. Now enjoy a fun getaway in a destination of your choice without leaving your pet aloof at home.

Are you contemplating dropping anchors in Goa along with your fur child? Good idea really! Plan a stay in and around the Calangute beach, one of the most preferred and upscale localities in the Konkan state. Also, don’t worry about spotting luxury Calangute beach hotels that are upbeat and pet-friendly. The First Halt property, for instance, also known as First Halt Hotels & Resorts. 

Travelling with a pet might sound fussy but the perks of tagging a furball as your travel partner are far more. Wondering how? Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of holidaying with your adorable pet. 

You can forget missing your favourite animal companion


Think about it - how often have you been restless trying to keep tabs on your beloved pet? Now that your dear doggo is tagging along, you can kiss goodbye to the stress and tension. What’s more? Feel at ease knowing that your cute little fur ball is safe and chirpy and make beautiful memories together.

Pets make a good company 

Travelling without a fun companion can be a bummer. Vacationing solo or with your favorite friends, a pet is always an exciting add-on. Did you know that pets like dogs are pack animals? Not sure what that means? Well, pack animals refer to pets that are groovy and happy when traveling with their master that is you. Enjoy kisses and cuddles on the go.

Explore beyond what you know

You are mostly certain of the top places to visit when vacationing. Right from the attractions to the eateries, you have definitely chalked out a travel itinerary in advance. Guess what? With your pet on a leash, you discover new places that let in the fur balls and new cafes that are pet-friendly.

Your activity schedule is on fleek

Do you cram down food mindlessly, especially when you are letting loose on a leisure holiday? Don’t worry! Your pet will frolic and run around, keeping up with your activity routine, and not letting your holiday spirits dwindle.

Meet and make acquaintances

Traveling with your fur ball will expose you to a lot of pet parents. Remember, you are not alone in the race. Your favorite pet companion motivates you and others to break the ice and exchange small talks.

Are pet-friendly hotels truly winning over a new clientele?

Little did you realize that pet lovers spend riches on their beloved fur balls? Of course, they wouldn’t shy away from spending on top-notch hospitality services. Travelers searching for pet-friendly accommodation are mostly willing to go an extra length to make sure that their furry travelers are cozy and at ease. Some of the amenities in their wish list include:

  • Water bowls
  • Dishes for pets
  • Dog beds
  • A spacious play area for dogs to run around
  • Toys for furry pets are a bonus

Presently, hoteliers find it lucrative to go pet-friendly. After all, it boosts brand loyalty. Think about it - guests who are convinced that their pets will be well-received at a given property are likely to recommend and make reservations at the same hotel. In a nutshell, pet-friendly or not, a happy and convenient experience is all that matters to win more referrals.

How should you finalize a lodging option for your upcoming trip? 

Now that you are at peace learning about new and swanky pet-friendly hotels in Goa aren’t you curious to learn ways to finalize the right one, as per your requirements? Goa hotels in Calangute beach are umpteen in number. Of course, not every place is worth a good stay, especially for your pet. Here are a few tips to assist you in choosing the right one:

1. Read reviews -  Certainly not overrated, but reading reviews is very helpful. Bear in mind that pets cannot adjust anywhere and everywhere. Check for the best 4 Star hotels in Goa near Calangute beach for a comfortable and premium stay.

2. Hotel facilities and amenities -Keep tabs on the amenities to ensure that you and your pet enjoy a comfortable stay. Does your room have a snug dog bed for the pet? Will the hotel provide bowls for your furry boy, etc.

Don’t miss checking out the cancellation policy of a hotel too. It could save you big bucks in case you need to call off your trip out of the blue. Mostly, upscale Goa hotels on Calangute beach, like First Halt Hotels, offer a fair and clear cancellation policy for the convenience of guests.