Hotels & Resorts / 23 Jan 2023

How to Reserve A Booking At One Of The Best Eco-Friendly 4 Star Hotels In Goa?

How to Reserve A Booking At One Of The Best Eco-Friendly 4 Star Hotels In Goa?

The azure beaches of Goa are a hard pass when planning a fun vacation. A destination that tops the bucket list of all holiday lovers, the tinkling city on the Konkan coast offers a world of pleasures. A dazzling nightlife to let loose and have a ball, gleaming night markets with neon signs all over, lip-smacking food, beach shacks to unwind in, fancy liquors, Portuguese-inspired architecture, and much more. A trip to Goa is guaranteed to be a joyride.

Did you plan your accommodation yet? The blissful and breezy beaches house a number of resorts and lodging options for tourists. You can choose to luxuriate in any of the 4 star hotels in Goa or hang hats in budget resorts.

Tips to help you pick luxurious and comfortable resorts in Goa

It is no secret that rejoicing in the scenic views and vibes of Goa is far-fetched if you don’t have a safe space to nestle in. Little did you know that picking a cozy and safe den isn’t as easy as you think. Hotels in Calangute Goa are too many. Narrowing down your search could be baffling. Here are a few crucial pointers to keep in mind before finalising your reservations.

Think of a location first

On a map, Goa might appear as a small state along the western ghats. However, the long string of beaches is scattered across a wide region. The state is divided into North Goa, South Goa, and Panaji (the state’s capital). Although Goa now includes various sub-districts like Mapusa, Bicholim, Bardez, and more. 

If you are looking forward to unwinding in solace and lazing around on the desolate and not-so-crowded beaches, South Goa is rightly your best bet. North Goa, on the contrary, is brimming with tourists and features incredible nightlife, open flea markets, and busy shacks. Panaji invites the interest of history enthusiasts. The place houses legendary churches, forts, museums, and the time-honoured Portuguese Baroque-inspired architecture.
Hotels are available everywhere. If a joyful, cherry vibe is more your type, do reserve a stay around Calangute, Candolim, Anjuna, or Vagator beaches, some of the popular shorelines in North Goa. Wondering if there are enough Goa hotels near Calangute beach? Guess what? You will certainly be spoilt for choice. For instance, First Halt Resort, Calangute, is a delightful stay option.

Customer reviews are key

Resorts and hotels in Goa tend to be brilliant marketers. They flood the internet with gorgeous images, tantalizing amenities, and too-good-to-be-true adverts. Not sure how to figure out what’s genuine? Always keep tabs on honest customer reviews. The more reviews you read, the clearer your idea of a resort.

Plan a budget

The importance of chalking out a budget in advance is certainly understated. Want to book a fancy stay in any of the 4 star hotels in Goa? Ensuring that your earmarked budget has room for a fat expense like this is key. If not, you can always search for options that are less straining on your pocket.

Check for the available amenities

It is a no-brainer that without the right amenities, nestling away in luxury is out of the question. A pretty place to lodge is not enough to wind up a comfortable stay. Go through the reviews and details mentioned on the hotel’s official website to ensure that the facilities available tick all the boxes. 
Hotels in Calangute Goa include both luxury and economy resorts. Regardless, always keep an eye on the amenities up for grabs to ascertain that your leisurely vacation is cozy and safe.

A green and sustainable initiative by First Halt Resorts

First Halt Resorts stands out as one of the finest among popular 4 star hotels in Goa. Designed to reward guests with the utmost comfort, striking amenities, and an ethereal ambiance, First Halt Resorts cast a bigger impression by taking promising eco-friendly measures. The resort in Goa is dedicated to cutting-down harmful carbon emissions and practicing larger scales of preservation and conservation.

It is a given that the state of Goa is on eggshells in terms of ecology. Hoteliers must come forward to conserve the environment and set the stage for a green planet. First Halt Resorts supports the purpose and does its best to reduce energy and water wastage.