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Best Things To Do In Jim Corbett

Best Things To Do In Jim Corbett

You must add Jim Corbett to your bucket list if you are a traveller and looking for the next spot to visit. Actually, Jim Corbett National Park is listed among one of the most significant wildlife reserves in India. To ignite the spark of an adventure of a traveller inside, you must come to Jim Corbett. There are lots of things to do in Jim Corbett for a tourist like a river rafting to birds watching, fishing to go wild in Adventure Park. You will not only feel fresh but thrilling too. this adventure place has become one of the favourite places for vacations of tourists and travellers. After analysis of this tourist growth, Now resorts and hotels started investing in this location also.

So, let's have a look at the top adventures and exciting things you can do with your family or friends.

Jim Corbett Go Wild Adventure Park To Feel Thrilling:

Well, the park named Go wild adventure is one of the most prominent attractions of Jim Corbett. This park is enough to let your heart skip a beat. Lots of fun and adventure things you can do here, which will make your tour memorable. Giant swing, rope bridge net climbing, skywalk, zip line, and much more adventurous activities you can enjoy under-qualified & trained experts.

After hearing the word "Park," the first thought we had is peace and calm atmosphere where you can sit and spend your day in silence, but this park has a lot to do.

Mountain biking – let's feel next level of thrill & adventure:

If you are getting bored to travel and just looking for something daring, don't skip mountain biking in Jim Corbett. Nowadays, Its captures the lots of attention of youth. Mountain biking is brave and risky as well, so the only fearless person can have the courage to do this sport.

With the thrill of speed and adventure, you can feel the beauty of nature in this wildlife. Life is unpredictable & out of control, so why not to enjoy and live fearlessly. If you have the heart to do mountain biking, then add it to your bucket list.

Have fun at Beautiful sightseen Corbett fall:

Corbett Fall is perfect for a family picnic with nature. If you are nature-loving and want to spend some quality time with your family or friends, then you must visit here. This waterfall has a spectacular view which reveals the beauty of the nature of Jim Corbett Safari. Most of the tourists come here for camping with family or friends.

If you also would like to capture the best memories of a tour must visit this remarkable place. You can access this place with your car too. There is a car parking facility available, and then you can take a short walk to the fall.

Visit Kosi River if love fishing:

Fishing leisure activity will give you an incredible experience that will help you to boost up your mood. To change your attitude from the hustle-bustle lifestyle, take time, and pack a bag to visit Jim Corbett's national wildlife. Because there are enormous adventures and stimulating activities offer by trained experts for tourists.

You can enjoy fishing in the Ramganga river and the Koshi river. Still, since these places cames under the reserve range of Corbett forest, so to do fishing, you need to take permission. You can find the variety of Mahaseer fish here in the deep clean water.

Let's play with rapids of river Kosi:

Kosi river is the main tourist highlight of this wildlife because of its elegant beauty. So, add this river in your visiting list in Jim Corbett along with a camera. If you are fond of capturing moments, natural seen and experience the beauty of mother nature, don't miss this spot anyhow.

Another best part of visiting this river is River Rafting. Get ready to play with rapids of river Kosi while river rafting. Either you are with family or friends don't miss thrilling rides on the current of flowing water while river rafting.

Paragliding & Kayaking in Bhimtal:

Bhimtal is approx 70 km away from the park, which is coming up as a new adventurous spot in this park. Those who love adventure must do Paragliding over here and left their heart racing with fun. Apart from Paragliding, people can enjoy Kayaking on Bhimtal lake.

After knowing that in Jim Corbett paragliding and Kayaking activities has been started, you cannot stop self t plan for the tour of this park. Where in Paragliding, you can fly in the sky, and in the same kayaking, you can dive into nature.

Trekking in Jim Corbett reserve:

After mountain biking, paragliding, and river rafting, then another most adventurous activity is Trekking. Jim Corbett is heaven for nature lovers due to its amazing sightseen. If you are in love with flora and fauna, then try Trekking. Well, Trekking through Mother Nature can be dangerous, but yet there is nothing better than this daring activity.

While trekking in Jim Corbett, you must be very careful because it is hazardous. Only do it when you have courage. If you want, you can contact the local camping services provider who provides you with the package of Trekking.

Bird Watching in Pangot:

If you are a bird lover and have a soft corner for birds, you are most welcome to the Bird's Paradise in Pangot. When you have done with all thrilling activities and just wanted to calm your mind. Bird watching would be best for you. This place is situated in Nainital, which is around 74 km from the primary location of the park. Jim Corbett Park has almost 650 bird species including, migrated birds.

Perfect timing to see birds and capture their picture is between November to December. While packing you bag to visit Jim Corbett don't forget to take the camera to capture moments.

A visit to Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett:

Well, the most popular thing which attracts every tourist from India and abroad is Jungle Safari. Apart from all activities in Jim Corbett, the Jungle Safari is the most prominent one. This is the place where tigers take charge of the area, and people can see them from inside of the cage(Van).

If you have the desire to see tigers only then you should visit Dhikala Zone. At this place, anyone can spot tigers easily. Although there are lots of things to do in Jim Corbett National Park, yet the demand for Jungle Safari is the same as before.

Spend the Night in the Peaceful Resort:

After spending your whole day in an adventurous way in Jim Corbett, you would love to spend your night in a peaceful and calm Resort. You can find many hotels and resorts here, where you can recharge your energy and have more energetic tomorrow.

In Jim Corbett resorts, you can enjoy In House Restaurant and Bar, Indoor Games, etc. There are many things which you can enjoy at night stay in resorts too. But it will also depend on where and which hotel or resort you will choose for your visit.

As you read above, there are many more things to do in Jim Corbett, let's have a tour plan with the family. Take your time from a busy lifestyle and feel the beauty of nature, kick up adrenaline your blood by taking part in adventurous acidities.

This park is one of the largest & most conservative bio reserves in India. This is not only a tourist spot but an emotion for adventure & nature lovers. After travelling this magnificent national park with your family or friends, you will surely have unforgettable moments in your heart.

When you are planning for the tour, then there is nothing better than Jim Corbett park because of this place worthy of your every penny.