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What do you find at Calangute Beach ?

What do you find at Calangute Beach ?

What do you find at Calangute Beach | GOA

Information about Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is a popular tourist spot among travelers and tourists, located in North Goa.It is one of the most famous and well-known beaches in Goa.
It is also referred to as the Queen of Beaches. Here, You will find out how you can explore Calangute Beach.

What you can do at Calangute Beach ?

When you visit here, your top priority is water sports, here you will get various activities to enjoy your vacation, like parasailing, windsurfing, water snorkeling, and water skiing apart from other rides that you can enjoy.

In Shopping, Calangute Beach offers various options for women, Here you will find local to international products from all over India.

Dolphin Sight Seeing
Dolphin sightseeing is one of the favorite things among tourists, Here you will enjoy the sightseeing.

Night Life 

Calangute is among the happiest places in Goa, It offers the best nightlife that you can imagine.

You will find out lavishing bars, pubs, cafes, and many other exotic places for you to enjoy the best night of your life.

These places have delicious cuisines, ambiance, and great music.


There are many options for accommodations available near Calangute Beach.

You will find out accommodations according to your price range from budget-friendly to luxury stays.

You can also find a wide number of hostels, homestays, and apartments in the area where are you staying.

Time to visit Calangute Beach

As we all know, Goa is famous for its Christianity culture and tradition, and when we talk about the best time to visit Calangute Beach, It is New Year & Christmas.

The time between October and March is also the best time to visit because the weather is pleasant at that time at Calangute Beach.

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