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The Event Organizers In Goa Calangute Beach Hotels - Resort De Coracao

The Event Organizers In Goa Calangute Beach Hotels - Resort De Coracao

Imagine planning a party or event in a location where you can also partake in exciting activities, sip beverages, and take in views of stunning beaches. All of this is available in Goa when you make a reservation at Resort De Coracao Hotels & Resorts, the best event organizer in Goa. We offer 4-star services along with first-rate facilities from our qualified personnel.


Resort De Coracao Hotels & Resorts – Facilities & Amenities


  • Wave Conference Hall: It goes without saying that when organizing an event anywhere, the first thing you check for is the room where your meeting will be conducted. Our resort offers a fully furnished conference room that can accommodate between 120 and 130 persons. You can enjoy modern adjustable lighting, comfortable seating, an LED display, and other amenities in our conference room.



  • Professional crew: Having a professional team for your event will guarantee that you have the nicest meeting space ever, isn't that right? You can expect a competent crew at Resort De Coracao who have years of expertise in planning events for any occasion, whether it be an office gathering, a wedding, a party, or another celebration. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that you have the greatest event head possible.


  • Broad room: If you want to host a modest event with a small number of guests, our broad room is suitable for you. A seating arrangement for 20 to 30 persons is available in the U-shaped space.


  • Delicious dining: An event is incomplete without good food. In our resort, you will have a delicious dining experience in our Ice & Spice multicuisine restaurant, where you will get the best dinner you have ever had. Our brilliant professional staff has created the most delectable dishes that will make your guests happy after a meeting. After a long event, a satisfying meal is much needed. In our in-house restaurant, you will find a live yummy food counter where our professional chefs prepare delicious delicacies right in front of your eyes.


  • Pool deck area: Unwinding after a long meeting is like being in heaven. By booking our resort, you'll have access to a tranquil location where you may bring clients for delectable mocktails that will do wonders for your business. In our pool deck area, you may take in the lovely scenery of our resort while enjoying a tasty mocktail, putting your legs into the wormy blue water, or taking a soothing swim in our deep pool that will refresh both your spirit and your mind.


  • Ideal location: If you're seeking a hotel from which you can easily travel to the beach without getting caught in traffic, then our hotel is the best choice. We are one of the greatest calangute beach hotels, and we are only a 5-minute walk from the beach. You must have wanted a lovely getaway and a calming experience after a long event, and Calangute Beach is ideal for you, where you can simply enjoy the sunset without getting bored and the wormy sand will seem like a warm blanket to you.


  • Décor: At Resort De Coracao Hotels & Resorts will provide you with the best décor that is both beautiful and perfectly complements your event. We have a large collection of décor from which you can choose your favorite. You can also give us your specifications and we will customize and give you exactly what you want.


  • Luxurious rooms: Our cozy and luxurious rooms are ideal for a relaxing night's sleep. In our hotels, you can select from five different room categories, with all modern amenities, such as a coffee and tea maker, a work table deck, a bathtub, 24*7 running water, wooden traditional cozy architecture, hot running water, and a private balcony for admiring our resort's beautiful surroundings. 

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