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Indulged in a Luxurious Stay in Jim Corbett's Wildlife Sanctuary

Indulged in a Luxurious Stay in Jim Corbett's Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are looking for the Cottages in Jim Corbett, then you have to visit the First Halt Hotels & Resorts. This idyllic cottage offering a complete jungle retreat in Jim Corbett that brings you a chance to unwind and enjoy the every minute of your vacation. While you could spend the entire day tucked inside the aesthetically pleasing confines in our cottage, you could also go out and experience the world your surroundings. 

A day at this cosy hotels in Jim Corbett national park allows you to explore acres of lush lands, endless wilderness, and a wide variety of luxe accommodations and feelings that will leave you desiring for more. Everything from relaxing area to horseback riding to paddle boarding in the cool, calm waters of the Kosi and Sitabani rivers is available at this classic jungle retreat, including jungle jeep safaris which gives you the chances to see the wonderful variety of animals and bird species.

A warm atmosphere is given off by the cosy traditional wooden flooring in the cottage's interiors, which lead to the pool loungers where guests can spend lazy days lounging in the sun, the outdoor auditorium where meals can be enjoyed poolside, and a rowing boat that is nearby. Then what? Bring on the lush surroundings, the cool, fresh air, and lots of tranquility. It is worthwhile to travel to Jim Corbett if you wake up to the sound of only birds singing while gazing out over the river and dense forest. As a result, First Halt hotels in Jim Corbett National Park getaway are the ideal location if you're looking to unwind, recharge, and disconnect from the outside world, as well as rediscover bonds with your loved ones.

The Specialties of Our Cottage

- The property's prime location within a 12-acre, sprawling jungle retreat

- Beautiful views of the Sitabani forest and the nearby Kosi river

- Lavishly decorated, cozy-chic interiors that go well with the property's surroundings 

- Heartland lawn that fits in with the area's lush surroundings

- Private outdoor pool with comfortable loungers and a view of the vivid surroundings

- arrangements for numerous outdoor pursuits, including wildlife safaris, jeep safaris, treks, bird watching, and more

- Indoor gaming room inside the cottage where you can play with your children

- Numerous indoor and outdoor games, including cricket, kickball, table tennis, and many more.

- The four different types of wedding lawns are forest garden, heartland lawn, kingfisher lawn, dove lawn, and sparrow lawn.

- arrangements for rafting and horseback riding

- There is an on-site gym for all fitness enthusiasts, as well as well-maintained parks.

- Relaxing spa and healthcare experience

- Live music and other engrossing activities, as well as exquisite culinary treats

- Ice & Spice Multicuisine Restaurant has a capacity of 130 people.

We are concerned about your complete satisfaction! To that end, we offer:

- Wi-Fi, generator, air conditioning, television, and heater

- Hot water and steam bath services, spa, grilling kit, and bonfire

- Indoor board games, an iron, and a torch

- First-aid kit, mosquito repellent, and extinguishers

- Closets, hangers, lockers, and electric kettles

- Specific workstation, mini fridges

- Hot tubs, towels, and toiletries


- You will arrive at this luxury cottage which has 5 variety of rooms, which blends with the lush surroundings, after travelling through the extremely broad grounds of the opulent jungle retreat of Jim Corbett National Park.

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- All of the bedrooms, which feature stylish wooden furnishings and warm and muted pastel colours, which give you a traditional look with a modern touch.

- The bedrooms come equipped with a king-sized bed, an additional sofa bed, air conditioning, a TV, a music system, Wi-Fi, a balcony, a storage room, a coffee maker, and a mini fridge and many more

- Every room has views of the meticulously maintained lush lawn and the surrounding lush greenery.

Our services thoughtfully created experiences make sure that your tribe's visit with us is enjoyable and memorable. Enjoy a lavish breakfast before starting the day while taking in the magnificent scenery and cooling breeze that surround this property. Savour the morning breeze while taking a brisk morning stroll through the lovely park or along the lush lawn.

Guests can indulge in a yoga session in the tranquility that envelops this property's grounds, which offers a restorative experience. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the private outdoor pool while taking in the spellbinding views of the Kosi river that is close to the property.

The conference hall provides the ideal setting and backdrop for getting lost in your favourite books. Spend your evenings lounging around the bonfire while enjoying a delicious barbecue meal. Go outside and explore the local trails and hikes, or go river rafting or horseback riding for a change. If you don't want to give up your workout routine while on vacation, this retreat has a gym on the premises.

The visitors can also enjoy a calming and revitalising spa. Visitors can follow the property's winding trails to explore the shimmering surroundings. With a richness of unique and lavish experiences for everyone, this enchanting cottage is sure to leave you with a wonderful collection full of memories.