Banquet Hall at Resort De Coração - The Corbett

Banquet Hall Resort de Coracao Corbett 2
The Banquet Hall at  Resort De Coracao - Corbett, is a large spacious hall that is ideal for hosting social events as well as business conferences. They are completely air-conditioned and come packed with all requirements like Wi-Fi, projector, audiovisual equipment and much more. 

The lovely interiors and posh decor makes this hall apt for any form of joyful event like reception, parties, get-togethers and more. 
This hall is a 2050 square feet spacious hall that can comfortably accommodate a generous number of guests.

Floating Crowd - 300 pax
Theatre - 180 to 200 pax
U shaped - 70 to 80 pax
Cluster - 60 to 70 pax
Classroom - 80 to 100 pax
Boardroom - 70 to 80 pax
Fishbone - 70 to 80 pax